Urbane Turtle

Freelance Comic Critic for Hire

Urbane Turtle is Tim Rooney. A non-profit professional by day, Tim spends the rest of his time in creative pursuits, including writing, drawing, and photography. Tim has a Bachelor’s in English and Film and Media Studies from Cabrini University, and a Master’s degree in Theology from LaSalle University that were both absolutely worth the crippling student loan debt.

A passionate fan of comics, Tim has used the critical eye and skills in writing and research gained through that education to dive into the exploration of comic books and television on a critical level. He is particularly interested in exploring the unique visual language of comics, themes of theology, and how superheroes reflect and inform American culture.

As a freelance comic critic, Tim’s work can be seen on ComicsXF, Comic Book Resources, The Comics Beat, and in the Eisner Award-winning comics mag PanelxPanel. Creative writing was published in Woodcrest Magazine, the multiple award-winning Cabrini Literary Magazine,

Check out the site for samples of his writing and art. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you are interested in hiring for a writer or creative!

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